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to celebrate Sabbath SUNDAY!!!

Sundays @ 10:30am
5756 Summit Ave
Browns Summit, NC 27214
(NE Greensboro)



Join us each and every Sunday at 10:30am! If you can't make it, don't worry but just follow us on Facebook, YouTube, or on Instagram

Welcome to Proximity Church! Ok…we get it. Walking into a new church for the first time can be hard! You are likely looking over this website at how people are dressed and trying to get a sense of whether or not you can trust us with your children. Hopefully this page will answer some of your questions.  


Proximity Church is all about making your experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Proximity Kids

It is completely up to you if you want your children to stay with you during service or attend our incredible Proximity Kids ministry. Do what makes you comfortable. If you would like them to experience Proximity Kids you can find out more below.


About Us

Proximity Church exists to help you take YOUR next step to get CLOSER to God! 



There is so much more to Proximity Church than our Sunday experience. Sunday morning is a part of church, but it’s far from everything! Find out how you can take your NEXT STEP in growing CLOSER to God!

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